Great American Seed Swap

Donation total $25.00 as of:

Great American Seed Swap Purpose:

To provide a knowledge rich environment for our community of gardeners; to research, learn, share information, have fun, and swap seeds free, in a safe friendly atmosphere.


  • Act as outstanding resource for gardening research and information
  • Provide detailed cultivar information for plants with ratings and reviews
  • Educate individuals on all gardening topics with special focus on preservation of heirloom seed varieties.
  • Facilitate simple methods for creating seed swap lists
  • Offer advanced search features for swap lists and plant cultivar details
  • Answer gardening questions in a timely manner

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Sunday May 19, 2013
We are starting small with the seed swap website  Simple at first and then build more features as we go.  Thanks again for all of your ideas.  In the next few weeks we should have some new things to show you all.  There is a delay in finding good data so we will put the big database idea aside for now.

Sunday, May 5, 2013 website update: 
Plans are nearly complete for the layout and functions of our new seed swap website.

*** We give many thanks to Jeanne Rose El-Mogaddedi and Ashley Escott, as they are the first two to give donations for this project!  This money will be put toward domain name, server costs, and initial database setup.  Thanks so much for  your donation, we are up to $25 now!

Our goal is to have up for testing in July, and by August we should be 100% complete for you all to swap in a much easier and safe way, always free, and always keeping our original fb group always as the foundation.

Notes have been taken of all the wonderful ideas put forth by our helpful members.  I will ask again for your ideas, they matter!  Comment below or pm me if you have more ideas.

A secondary portion of this project:

Initial data has been obtained from USDA and database has been created.  We are now working on the field names for insertion of data.  USDA has been very helpful in guiding us to achieve our goals.